Sherman Minerva Free Library concurs with the New York State Confidentiality Law which protects the privacy rights of library users.  This law prohibits the release of any information relating the name of a person and his/her library use without a properly executed subpoena from a court of law.  Sherman Minerva Free Library has:

  • Reviewed the internal record keeping procedures to assure that records identifying library users are limited to those essential for library operation.
  • Advised all library employees that registration records and circulation records identifying the names of library users are to be confidential in nature.

Employees will not tell a third party whether a person has a library card.  Write the name of a borrower on a book card which is placed in the book. Tell a parent what his/her child has borrowed even if it is overdue.

Send a reserve notice or overdue reminder on a post card.

Reveal the nature of someone’s reference question to another person.

Approved by the Minerva Free Library Board of Trustees on 6/14/13