Anyone four years of age, (up to 17 years of age with parent’s consent), and older my request a library card and borrow materials with their card.  All borrowers must have a card on file.  (Our files must show current address and phone number.)

Unless otherwise stated circulation period is two weeks for books, including audio books.  Magazines and videos circulate for one week.

Materials may be renewed for an additional one or two week period, unless on reserve.

Reference circulation does not circulate except at discretion of the director and then only overnight.

All overdue books, periodicals, and audio books will be fined at a rate of $0.15 cents per day per book, periodical and audio book.  Videos at $0.50 cents per day per video with a maximum of $5.00 per item.  Staff discretion is allowed as the most important goal is recovery of the overdue materials.

If, at the end of two weeks from the first date of fine, the item(s) is not returned, all borrowing privileges will be suspended this will be in effect until all materials are returned.  A reminder notice will be sent, followed by a bill for the replacement cost of each item.

All fines must be paid up to date before any new materials can be taken from the library.  Overdue items deposited in the night drop will still be subject to fines.

Patron will be charged up to replacement value for lost or damaged items.

The Minerva Free Library reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Approved by the Minerva Free Library Board of Trustees on 5/7/03

Circulation of print materials and audio books:

  1. New Patrons limit of three items for first three times of borrowing.  After that as long as books are returned in timely fashion this is no limit on number of books that a registered patron can check out.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, circulation period is for two weeks.  Materials may be renewed twice if they are not on reserve or new releases.  No renewals for new release items.  Materials may be renewed by telephone.
  3. All magazines circulate for one week and should not be renewed due to time sensitivity.
  4. Children 13 years old and younger are encouraged to use the children’s and young adult section.  Children needing adult books are encouraged and helped.

Circulation of movies:

  1. Limit of 5 videos per household.
  2. Patrons must be registered library users and can only use their card.
  3. Movies may be borrowed for a one week period.
  4. There is a $0.50 cents late charge per day per video accessed to all movies.

Approved by the Minerva Free Library Board of Trustees on 6/14/13